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Heartmath® Building Resilience

4-Session Package

  • 50 min

Service Description

As the pace and pressures of life continue to speed up and intensify, more and more people are finding themselves feeling exhausted, anxious, frustrated, depressed and overwhelmed. The good news is that there are simple tools and practices we can learn to skillfully move through challenges and live more joyful and empowered lives. Everyone can benefit from learning these techniques; studies have show measurable positive changes in children and adults with: *ADD and ADHD; test taking and performance anxiety *Chronic stress, exhaustion and fatigue *Anxiety, depression and trauma *Acute and chronic pain During this (minimum) four session program, we will establish your internal baseline and determine attitudes and behaviors you'd like to change. You will learn emotional refocusing (useful in the heat of the moment) and emotional restructuring (long term baseline shift) tools that you will practice in between each session. You will receive handouts, worksheets and additional materials customized to your goals. HeartMath techniques help us rewire our physiology and nervous system so that we can move away from depleting patterns of stress and emotional chaos, and create a new emotional baseline of expansion, joy, resilience and ease. Our emotions and attitudes affect others, whether we are aware of it or not, and we have the power to take responsibility for our personal energy and the impact that it has on the people and world around us. We have the ability to not only change how we feel, but we can also positively impact the people around us.

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